Certificate of Revival

What is a Delaware Certificate of Revival?

A certificate of revival is filed when your Delaware LLC has gone void or inactive. The cause may have been, you forgot to pay your annual fee, franchise taxes, or file an annual report. If this has happened, your Delaware LLC is marked as " not in good standing" with the State of Delaware.

To bring your company current with the State of Delaware, a certificate of revival needs to be filed. You will be responsible for paying all back annual fees, franchise taxes, interest and penalties that have accrued.

Certificate of Revival

If you're looking to revive your LLC, you have to make sure you keep a Delaware registered agent and you paid your taxes. After that, you can file a Certificate of Revival.

If your LLC fell into a status other than good standing, you need to follow the steps below to return your entity back into a good standing status:

  1. Before you file the Certificate of Revival, you have to pay any owed taxes.

  2. You have to keep a Delaware Registered Agent.

  3. You have to submit a completed Certificate of Revival of Delaware LLC. Capital Courier LLC can submit it by mail, in person, or electronically for you. We have a great relationship with Delaware Division of Corporations and can make a visit in person to file for you. Up to date fee for filing the Certificate is $200, you can check up to date fees at https://corp.delaware.gov/renew09/.

  4. You have to submit a cover letter if you’re filing the Certificate of Revival by mail. You may use the Document Filing Sheet and follow instructions for completing a Filing Memo provided by the Delaware Division of Corporations. If you’re submitting your Certificate of Revival electronically, you don’t have to submit a cover letter. Again, for faster service, we suggest filing for you in person.

Certificate of Revival is a one-page document shown here. It requires your Delaware LLC’s name, date of filing, and registered agent information.