Good Standing Certificates

What is a Certificate of Good Standing?

A certificate of good standing, or certificate of existence, shows that a business has paid taxes, filed required documents, and otherwise complied with regulations in the business’s state of formation. You can obtain a certificate of good standing from your state’s business filing agency. It might be required when opening a business bank account, applying for a loan, or raising funds from investors.

A certificate of good standing verifies that a business is legally registered with the state and is authorized to do business there. This certificate is a physical document that you would acquire from the state agency where you register your business entity type.

When Do You Need to Show a Certificate of Good Standing?

There are several situations where you might be asked to show a certificate of good standing:

  • When opening a business bank account

  • When applying for small business insurance

  • When purchasing or selling real estate

  • When trying to form a contract with a new supplier or other company

  • When applying for a government contract or government-backed business loan (e.g. an SBA loan)

  • When registering to do business in a state other than your state of formation

Due to the time sensitivity of the Certificate, it is better to order one when you'll need it. Under normal conditions, we can guarantee a 48-hour turnaround to get you a Certificate of Good Standing. However, we do offer an expedited express service that speeds up the certificate process.

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